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Ground Transportation Options Heathrow and Gatwick Airport

London is the financial capital of Europe and has dozens of tourist attractions. London has so many things to offer to various types of travelers. It also hosts a number of sporting, social and cultural events. Hence,  it attracts millions of tourists and corporate travelers from around the world every year.

Although there are many airports for London, most of the travelers arrive either at London Heathrow or London Gatwick airport, this makes them the two busiest airports in the United Kingdom.

Both airports have good ground transport options from London. Both have public transport links, but for international travelers, we highly recommend getting services from Skylink Cars that are a high-rated airport transfer company in London. There are a number of good airport transfer companies, and Skylink executive cars Ltd is one of them. Skylink Cars provide both executive and standard vehicles of different sizes. 

Below is a comparison of ground transportation options for both of the airports.

London Heathrow Airport Ground Transport Options

Heathrow airport is situated just inside the boundary of Greater London (M25), on the west side of the city. It is around 18 miles from the city center. Heathrow is the far busiest airport in the United Kingdom. In 2019 81 million passengers used London Heathrow airport. This number dropped drastically due to covid-19 in 2020, which resulted in only 22 million passengers handled by Heathrow.

Heathrow has pretty good public transport links from London.  Below are the ground transportation options for Heathrow airport.

Train Service

Heathrow Express from Paddington station is a fast and cheap option, but the problem is that it is only available from Paddington station. So I will only recommend it if you are traveling from near Paddington station or if you have nearly no luggage. Otherwise, this can be a really stressful option to choose to travel to Heathrow.

Verdict: Recommended only if traveling from close proximity to Paddington or if you may have no luggage. Otherwise, it is recommended to use a reliable airport transfer cab/taxi company.

Underground train (Tube / Metro)

Piccadilly line (Tube) to Heathrow is a bit better option to Heathrow than the overground train, as it has more connections from various other tubes from across London, BUT again this is only suitable if you have less to no luggage and if you are traveling from a particular segment of London which is covered by the network of tube lines. 

Verdict: a little bit better than the train but again has the same downfalls as we discussed in the case of an overground train. I recommend using a reliable airport transfer taxi/cab company.

Busses and Coaches

There are some coach/bus options from some particular cities but again the problem of traveling to the coach station with your luggage is still there so we highly recommend using a cab/taxi company

Airport transfer Service cab/taxi company

The most recommended option is the use of an airport transfer cab/taxi company. The best thing about them is that they will pick you up from your doorstep and will help you with your luggage. A good driver will always track your flight and will keep track of traffic and will change the route if necessary. They can be really handy while picking you up from the airport as they will be waiting in the arrival hall with your name board and will help with your luggage as well. There is a number of options you may use Uber which may be cheap but then reliability can be an issue as sometimes they are very busy and you may not find anyone at your required pickup time.

Gatwick Airport Ground Transport Options

Gatwick airport is situated south of London about 12 miles from the boundary motorway of London (M25). it is the second busiest airport in the United Kingdom. It handled 47 million air travelers in 2019 as compared to 10 million in 2020 because of covid-19.

Train Services to Gatwick from London

As compared to Heathrow, Gatwick has much better train service to London. Gatwick Express and southern railways run from London Victoria and London Bridge stations.  But again there are limitations for passengers carrying luggage because it would not be easy for them to carry luggage and then change between different trains to these stations.

Tube/Metro service to Gatwick

Unfortunately there is no tube service to Gatwick. So here Gatwick airport falls behind Heathrow as compared to transport options. 

Bus / Coach service

There is no bus or coach service from London to Gatwick. On the other side, Heathrow does have local buses from London but they are not very ideal for travelers. 

Taxi/cab airport transfer service to Gatwick

The best mode of ground transportation to Gatwick is taxi/cab service. There are so many competitors to choose from. The selection depends on your budget and quality of service. But if we optimize and keep all the aspects of a good airport transfer taxi service then I would highly recommend Skylink Executive car’s Gatwick airport transfer service from London.