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Impact of covid-19 on London Taxi Industry

Covid-19 and transport industry.

Covid-19 has effected each and every person and business in the world. The domain of these effects is very broad. It has huge impact on people’s livelihoods and working lifestyles.

Transport industry is one of the few that have been directly effected by the pandemic. Due to lockdowns all over the world the transport industry was on a complete chock hold. Though some modes of transports have started taking baby steps but Airline industry is still suffering because of international travel restrictions.  

Furthermore, in order to prevent the virus from spreading fast the UK Government asked millions of people to stay at home to help protect lives and to saving the health from collapsing.

This meant millions of people were unable to work. Only those doing essential work, such as providing food or electricity, were able to continue. It also meant people spent less on non-essential things. For example, buying clothes, eating out and transport.


London Taxi Industry

Impact of COVID on Taxi Industry.

The disruption caused by Covid meant many businesses could not operate in the usual way. Many of their employees could not go to work and customers could not buy their products or services. This encouraged people to use personal cars to travel as they were very anxious and scared to travel using a public service.

Hence, in the absence air travel and restricted ground movement, the UK Taxi industry was badly effected. The Taxi drivers have had nothing to work for

One that has had its world changed massively is the London Taxi Industry, with the obvious risks posed by sitting in a car with strangers putting people off hailing rides and potentially putting drivers at regular risk when people do opt for a lift.

In 2020, the London Taxi Industry experienced significant damage due to COVID-19, with lockdowns and restricted movements killed the demand for taxi service. Increase risk associated with crowded places with social distancing measures have had a negative impact on the growth of the London Taxi Industry as the preference of the customers has shifted towards personal vehicles. Yet, with ease in lockdown measures, demand is returning to the market and by the end of 2021, it is expected that the London Taxi Industry will experience some growth.

Many drivers might have been tempted into a change of career. Some have opted start working as delivery drivers and some have opted some other profession. 

The fall in demand has put several businesses under extreme pressure and specific government assistance has not yet been forthcoming.

How have the government-supported taxi companies and their drivers? 

The UK government has helped many businesses as well as London Taxi Industry throughout the pandemic. Rishi Sunak the Chancellor of the Exchequer made his debut budget speech on March 11th. In this speech, he announced a raft of measures to help stabilize the economy by offering companies various lifelines as they battled against the escalating situation. These included help with emergency funding as well as business rate relief for small companies. Some policies that were made after his speech to help the business are as follows; Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, Self-Employed Income Support Scheme (SEISS), Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme (CBILS), and many more which can be found here.

Companies can benefit from these policies and funds provided by the government to keep their business running. However, all these funds aren’t very helpful for the long term as the main source of income for drivers is from transporting customers, which is ironic as there are very few customers to transport.

London Taxi Industry

Road to recovery and steps taken by Skylink.

Since May 2021, some growth has been witnessed in  the transport industry which has started reviving the Taxi industry as well. 

Although, there are not very good signs about air-travel but the local ground transportation has started coming back to life. Some companies have advised their employees to start coming back to offices. Moreover, with opening of shops, restaurants, hotels, pubs and some places of attractions, a rise has been witnessed in the use of taxi services.

Skylink Executive Cars have been working with  drives to make sure that they get all help and guidance to make a fresh start. It is  not easy for taxi companies and drivers to get the full confidence in the business but there is hope and we, at Skylink Executive Cars Ltd will do our best to gain the confidence of our drivers, customers and other stakeholders.

We have highly trained and professional chauffeurs who strive to provide you with personalized and tailored services to meet your expectations. Our drivers are trained to follow the latest government guidance for COVID. When you choose Skylink Airport Chauffeurs as your ground transportation company, you can rest assured that your needs are fully met, and expectations exceeded.


In order to make our drivers and customers feel safe, at Skylink we have take number of steps to atain the level of safety and satisfaction of our drivers and customers.

  • Facemask is a must for drivers and customers in Skylink executive cars. Enoug supply of masks have been provided to drivers to keep in our cars.
  • Hand sanitizers have been provided in cars to be used by drivers and customers.
  • Passengers cannot use front seat of the car, to make sure that appropriate social distance is maintained.
  • Sensitive areas of car has to be cleaned  after each and every ride.
  • A proper cleaning is advised at least once per shift.
  • Single use antibacterial wipes are provide in every car for cleaning the interior.

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